Trends in home design and decor come and go – who doesn’t remember avocado kitchen appliances? The classics remain while more trendy ideas fade away. The design trends that turn into classics, that we love so much, are the ones that are born of necessity. Design elements such as large kitchen islands, service pantries, and using textiles creatively. We’re not the only ones who pay attention to the way design evolves and morphs as families change the way they live in a home. Houzz put together their own list of the 25 top trends in home design.

While many on the list take place in the kitchen, there are many design trends that originate in other areas of the home. Here are some of our favorites:

Statement Mirrors in the Bathroom – Statement mirrors are beautiful, can be backlit, and are all about showcasing your individuality. They’re not only functional but they pull the room together making a bold statement.

Low Tech Living Rooms – We love the idea of bringing back a more formal living room. The low tech living room could be the parlor of days gone by. A place to greet guests or to spend time catching up on everyone’s day. A place in the house to connect face to face rather than digitally.

The Sunroom – Another idea that is from days past that deserves a renaissance. Sunrooms, or solariums, are rooms that are flooded with sunlight. During the long, dark winter months these rooms provide more than just a warm place to retire, they also can be mood lifting.

Farmhouse Features – Morning Star Builders has utilized many farmhouse features in our custom homes. The beautifully simple farmhouse entry and sliding barn door are features that work so well here in Houston.

Click on the slideshow below to see the rest of the top design trends of 2016.