You’ve heard of Pinterest, right? Of course you have! Well, we’re sharing the top 6 design trends for 2018, according to Pinterest.

  • Wall Art– Wall art, such as paintings, prints, and decals, are predicted to hit it big this next year. Bare walls are a thing of the past!
  • Patterned Plants– You’re probably thinking, “What?” We said the same thing. Turns out, vibrant leaves with unique patterns are a developing decor trend.

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  • Mixed Metallics– Gold, silver, bronze… Let’s try all of the above. No need to keep your metallics separated in 2018.
  • Terrazzo Flooring– What they say is true: trends and styles come full circle. This hard, stone-like material with unique, multi-colored chips is making a comeback.

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  • Statement Ceilings– Patterns, tile, bright colors, and wallpaper. Who wants a boring ceiling?

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  • Spa-Inspired Bathroom– Bathrooms are a place to be refreshed. What better way to freshen up than in a resort-style bathroom?

Content and photos ffrom House Beautiful.