What does building a brand-new custom home and planning a remodeling project have in common? Picking design elements! With 2019 well underway, now is the perfect time to wade through all of the design trends for this year and choose which ones will work best in your home. With a goal of creating a functional, yet beautiful home design, you’ll want the best of the best. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of home design trends for 2019 from the Texas-based Paragon Design Firm!

Tiles With Geometric Textures

From flooring tiles to backsplash, 2019 will be a big year for geometric shapes and textures. They provide an easy way to elevate your home’s design by adding an unexpected surface. One of the more popular tile designs features a hexagon shape with a beveled edge, which creates a stunning design that’s sure to be a showstopper.

Warm Whites and Grays

2019 will see a lot of warmth, with shades of gray and white going from cool toned to warm toned. Paragon Interior Designers have found adding warmer tones into their whites and grays has allowed them to create a more timeless look. Brilliant whites will be replaced with a soft, warm white that offers “a little saturation without blinding” and cool grays will be replaced with “grayer beige’s with just a hint more softness.”

Retro Design Elements

Move over, Mid-Century modern; The 70s are making a comeback! Becoming more and more popular as of late, this trend creates a boho vibe with a retro twist. Hallmarks of this trend include rounded furniture, fringe on everything, natural textures, and shades of orange and rust. If you’ve been loving velvet everything, blush pink tones, Art-Deco furniture, herringbone flooring, and mixed material bathrooms and kitchens, you’re ahead of the curve! Not quite ready to let go of a timeless classic like whites, greys, and subway tile? No problem! This trend plays nicely with more traditional elements, creating a beautiful and elegant design.

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