The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown us all through loop. Actually, multiple loops. Undeniably, life looks quite a bit different than it did 4 short months ago. One of the biggest ways the pandemic has altered our lives is how and where we work.

Chances are you’ve worked-from-home over the last several months, and maybe you still are. If working-from-home has become your new way of life, how can you make it work best for you? We have some simple tricks and home hacks to make the working-from-home lifestyle an effective, enjoyable process.

1. Establish an Office Space

If you have an extra bedroom available, convert it into your new office space. If you’re lacking the extra room, no- the couch isn’t a viable alternative. Sure, the couch might be comfortable for the short run, but before you know it, your back, butt, neck, and everything else will begin to feel sore. Find a space in your home to create an office space, including a desk and chair- preferably ones that are ergonomic.

2. Limit Distractions

Given everyone is working and schooling from home right now, we’re all crawling on top of each other. Do your best to limit distractions during work hours, including your spouse, children, TV, phone, etc. Shut yourself in your office space and get to work!

3. Block Schedule

Depending on the type of work you do, learning to block schedule might just make or break your work-from-home success. Block scheduling means scheduling enough time on your calendar for each task or project. Follow your schedule to a T to make sure you get all your work done on time. To take it to the next step, try color coding, too!

What has your work-from-home experience been like? Are you soaking up every minute? Or chomping at the bit to return to the office life?