4 Important Areas of Communication to Manage While Building a Home

You’ve obsessed over and planned out every detail of your new home’s design. Now, it’s finally time to bring your vision to life! While building a custom home is an exciting experience, keeping up with each phase of the process can be challenging. Because the construction phase is less hands-on for homeowners, they can feel a little lost once the design phase is done. One way to combat this is by setting communication expectations with your builder. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of four essential types of communication to have with your builder during the construction phase.

Construction Schedules and Timelines

Having an idea of how long it will take to build your home is an excellent place to start. Your builder will provide you with a tentative timeline and completion date before construction begins. However, that timeline may change as the project gets underway. Unfortunately, until your home is deemed “weather tight,” it’s impossible to know for sure when it will be completed. Setbacks can come in all forms, including bad weather and shipment delays. If a setback occurs, your builder should let you know and provide an updated timeline.

Questions and Timely Updates

Early on, your builder should explain the best way for you to ask questions or to address any concerns. Many builders have invested in specialized software to provide their clients with an online hub to do just that. Typically, this is password protected and provides a secure spot for sharing information about your home. You and the builder will both have access, as well as trade partners and vendors.

Weekly Communication

While the construction phase is underway, don’t expect to be invited on-site very often. In your absence, it is the responsibility of the builder to keep you informed regarding the construction process. An update is usually provided by phone or email at least once a week, though the frequency of updates may depend on where your builder is at in the construction phase.

Change Orders and Cost Tracking

Like any construction process, unexpected costs may pop up from time to time. While your builder will do what they can to keep everything on budget, some things are beyond their control. If a costly issue does come up, your builder should first notify you for approval. To make the process of tracking the budget easier, you can often submit, approve, and track costs electronically through your online hub.

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