One of the best parts of building a new home or remodeling an existing one is the opportunity to customize each room to suit your unique needs. The results are often extraordinary! Here are five of our favorite specialty room ideas.

Home Library

Book lovers rejoice! A home library is not only an excellent place to house all your favorite books, but it can also double as a home office. With built-in floor to ceiling bookshelves, rolling ladders, and comfortable chairs, a home library will be one of the most popular rooms in your home.

home library with built in bookshelves

Master Wardrobe Closet

There’s nothing worse than dealing with a cramped closet, right? With a custom built master wardrobe, that won’t be a problem! A mix of shelving, racks, and drawers help to keep your clothes, shoes, and accessories perfectly organized. Plus, who doesn’t love putting their favorite shoes and bags on display? Another great way to maximize the efficiency of the master wardrobe is with easy access to the laundry room.

built in wardrobe

Pet Washing Station

Sick of pet hair coating the tub after every bath your furry friend gets? A built-in pet washing station keeps the bathtub free of pet hair and makes it more comfortable to wash your pet. Not only is there less awkward bending, but dedicated hooks keep your pet from escaping mid-bath.

pet washing station

Game Room

Take entertaining up a notch with a whole room dedicated to hanging out and having fun. Game rooms can also double as a media room, making them the perfect place for hosting family and friends. No matter what you fill your game room with, whether old school classics or new favorites, everyone who stops by will love spending time here.

game and media room

Home Workshop

Those who have a passion for building, fixing and tinkering will love having a home workshop. A painted concrete or epoxy coated floor can completely transform a garage. Adding tool chests, countertops, and shelving for storing tools keeps things organized and ensures you can find exactly what you’re looking for every time.

garage with tool bench


Dreaming of specialty room all your own? Morning Star Builders can help! Get in touch with our team to learn more.