When building your dream home there are several rooms you want to focus on. The kitchen is extremely important because we spend so much of our time there. The kitchen needs to be beautiful and functional. The bedrooms and living area are also places it’s important to customize the way the family lives. Some families don’t use the dining room anymore so you’re finding more and more homes that are built without one. It’s important to design and build your home to fit into your life rather than trying to live around a home that doesn’t exactly fit your family.
The bathroom is one of those rooms that serves a specific purpose but can be elevated to an experience with just the right attention to detail. Here are 7 things you’ll to want to think about as you design your next bathroom.
1) Vanities. Make sure the vanities are set at the appropriate height for the people who use them. 30 – 32 inches for shorter people and 34 – 42 inches for taller. Incorporate storage features by adding slow closing drawers to store appliances likes hair dryers and curling irons and consider adding outlets inside for easy use.  Consider a few drawers with built in compartments for smaller items like tweezers, nail clippers, make up and brushes and combs.
2) Vertical Storage. If you need more space than standard storage under the vanity allows then look up! Adding storage above your vanity tops also helps break up long vanities and adds interest to the bathroom. Use these storage areas for bulk items like toilet paper or shampoo, soaps and towels, things that aren’t access on a daily basis but that still need to be within reach.
3) Self-Standing Additions. Free standing furniture is a lovely way to add additional storage and incorporate charm into an otherwise boring room.
4) Specific Storage. If planning a smaller bathroom but need more places to hang towels and robes use hooks. You can find beautiful one-of-a-kind hooks at antique stores or garage sales.  Linen cabinets are great for storing linens but are also a great place to hide a laundry chute.
5) Display Areas. For larger baths consider adding recessed niche areas in the wall to display artwork, soaps, or seashells. Use shadow boxes if recessed wall areas aren’t an option.
6) Maximizing Space. When you don’t have the ability to create a large bath, utilize existing structures like doors and wall space to add valuable storage. Add mirrors to walls to make the bath feel larger.
7) Curbing Chaos. With a little planning your next bath can be beautiful, relaxing and efficient.