As a builder, working with clients who want to build a home beyond their means puts us in a sticky situation. On one hand, if we build them their dream home, we know they will soon regret it. On the other hand, if we suggest lowering the budget, we know they won’t be happy with us. So, what are we to do?

As professionals, we have the responsibility to be honest with our clients and prospects. It is our job to inform them of any risks involved in their large investment of building a custom home. We value integrity.

Before construction has even started, many clients find themselves getting carried away, upgrading selections and adding the latest bells and whistles to their new home. They continue to stretch their budget and the stress begins to add.

So, if we can give you one piece of advice, here it is: please do not build your dream home, if you will need to sell it before moving in because you cannot afford it. Choose a builder that will help guide you in your selections, so that staying within your budget is not such a hard task. You’ll appreciate an honest and integrity-filled builder.