As a custom design build firm in Houston, Morning Star Builders takes great pride in building bathrooms for the way people want to live. The bathroom has long been a place of refuge, so why not build one that is more spa like?

We design bathrooms around the lifestyle of the homeowner. For many that means professionals who need to get ready for the day at the same time. If you’ve shared a bathroom you know this can be difficult even when there are two sinks.


We design our luxury bathrooms with so much more than just two vanity sinks. The Morning Star Builders bathrooms feature a beautiful soaking tub but also a separate shower. The showers we design have both an area for those who need sit while showering or those who prefer to stand. When we design your bathroom we’ll talk to you about aging in place.

We design the bath with the necessary bars and accessible items for those of you who want to stay independent for as long as possible. These accessibility bars and hand rails don’t have to look clunky either. We design beautiful baths while also making sure they are accessible to anyone with limited mobility or other special needs.


Getting ready for the day is easy with the beautiful vanity in this bathroom. There’s plenty of storage for hair appliances, make up, linens, and all the bathroom products you could possible have. There’s a space for everything when we design a luxury bathroom. You’ll have storage and organization at your fingertips and you’ll never waste time looking for something because you have a place to put everything (and it doesn’t have to be on the counter).

We understand that light is important when applying makeup or just wanting to catch a glimpse of how you look. We build our bathrooms with light in mind by using both natural and artificial light optimally.


Our bathrooms are design like the rest of the floor plan and that means rooms are thoughtfully placed. A luxury bath doesn’t make much sense without a dressing room, and our walk in closets are just that – a place to choose, try on and see how things look.

We don’t only build beautiful bathrooms in new construction homes, we also remodel existing bathrooms!

If you’ve got questions about how to build a stunning custom¬†bathroom, or remodeling an outdated bath to one of luxury, call Beau or Yvonne for more information.