You’ve decided you want to update your bathroom. You want more than just a space to shower and get ready for work each morning. You’ve decided you want to create a place in your home that is a sanctuary. A place you can relax and unwind from the day’s hassles and struggles. Choosing to renovate your bathroom is a wise decision and provides great ROI. Renovating your bathroom can take it from an ordinary washroom to your very own personal spa.

Shower or Bath or Both?

The shower, or bathtub, is a crucial element of any bathroom. Not only does it command the most space in the room but placement of other features will depend on where the tub or shower is placed. Trends today are focused on separate showers and tubs with a large soaking tub often taking center stage in the bathroom. You can create a spa-like atmosphere by installing a steam shower feature and using glass hinged doors for your shower. This works very nicely for corner showers. Others have chosen to create walk-in showers that need no door or curtain.
Install a rain or waterfall shower head and wash away your cares. These are larger than standard shower heads and are usually mounted on the ceiling to provide the rainfall experience.  Waterfall showers are similar to Other options include dual and triple head showers that allow you to adjust the spray for an amazing hydromassage.
Steam rooms are also a luxury many are installing when they renovate their bathroom. These work particularly well in larger bathrooms and help to transform a bathroom into a spa. Steam rooms need tile or marble on all surfaces , a floor drain is required as is a slanted ceiling so the condensation can drain. A seat and door to prevent steam from escaping make for a genuinely luxurious experience.

Sinks and Vanities

Double sinks are in. And why not? With two sinks everyone gets their space and there is no crowding. These his and hers vanities are great for couples or children who share a common bath such as a Jack and Jill bathroom. In addition to double sinks everyone gets their own mirror and storage area making the bathroom a peaceful place instead of a war zone. Choosing the sink bowl can be an experience in itself. Todays designs are not only stylish but many are works of art.


A little privacy can go a long way, especially in the master bathroom. Today we’re seeing more and more people build or renovate their bathroom to include a private toilet. Keeping the toilet private provides a more pleasing atmosphere and it provides more usability – even if you’re a little shy more than one person can use the room at one time.


Renovating your bathroom to incorporate more natural skylight is a must. Not only does it provide a lovely ambiance but it is eco friendly and can save on utility costs. If privacy is an issue and you are unable to add more or larger wall windows consider skylights. The provide stunning light – both sunlight and moonlight – but afford privacy too.


Last but not least consider the flooring you will be using in your new bathroom. Natural stone is durable, will last a lifetime and looks stunning, but it can be costly too. Ceramic tile is more affordable, it’s available in a wide variety of colors and is slip resistant. It also comes in a variety of patterns and designs.
Turning your existing bathroom into a relaxing spa-like atmosphere can be as easy or complex as you and your budget allow. Even making just a few changes can go a long way into turning a boring bath into a luxurious experience. If you’re ready to start planning your bathroom renovation please give Yvonne a call at 832.304.2310 to schedule a time to  discuss your project.