It’s not just the lack of inventory that is driving folks to build their own home. If you’re thinking about building your dream home, you know there are more things to consider than just the fact that the home you might want isn’t available in the location you’d like it to be. When choosing to build a dream home, most homeowners do so for a variety of really good reasons.

Building Your Dream Home

Location – And yet, location is still the #1 reason people opt to build new custom homes as opposed to finding a used home in the area they wish to live. Homeowners understand that location is everything. When choosing a location you are choosing the neighborhood where you will raise your family and where your kids will go to school. You want to be close to your job and your family and friends and you also want to be close to entertainment, dining and shopping. No one wants to spend hours each week commuting so it’s important to find a great location before you begin planning your custom home. For more info on choosing a lot for your new home, check out our podcast from last week.

Lifestyle – Most people who decide to build their own dream home do so because they know what they want in their home and aren’t willing to settle for less. How many times have you walked through a home that had just about everything you could want in it except for that one crucial element? You’ve found a perfect home in a great neighborhood, in an awesome school district but it has a single car garage or little yard to speak of. It might have all those things but not a finished basement. Or it lacks an open floor plan on the main level. Many people would simply compromise because the home had some many other great features. People who choose to build their own custom home don’t want to settle, they want the home they have been dreaming about, a home that fits their lifestyle perfectly, with no compromises.

Design – If you’re considering building your dream home, you probably have a pretty good idea about the design. It might not be completely flushed out yet, but you probably know the general style of home you want and specific elements of the home that are must-haves. The wonderful thing about working with a design build team is that you can incorporate the elements and amenities you want in your home. These elements simply might not be an option in an inventory or model home. With a design build firm if there is a way to do it, and it’s in the budget, you can have it.

Building your dream home takes commitment. It doesn’t happen overnight and it isn’t for the faint of heart. Building your dream home can, at times, seem like a nightmare depending on hoops you may have to jump through with regard to permitting and codes. However, if you have a trusted builder you’ll get through process unscathed. Having a trusted design build team on your side can make the process of building your dream home an exciting endeavor. You’ll have an experience you’re remember forever and a home that will up fast with wonderful memories.