If you listened to our podcast last week, then you know we try to guide our homeowners to build  their custom homes with the resale in mind. Of course no one wants to think about moving before they’ve even moved into their newly built home, but the truth is unless you’re planning on aging in place, this is likely not going to be your last home.

It’s imperative to build your home with a future resell in mind, even if it is your last home. If your children are tasked with the sale of your home upon your passing, you will surely want them to garner the best resale price. So, it’s important to keep the resale of your custom home in mind when building it.

There are a few areas in the home where it’s important to think forward about the resale, there are also a few areas in the home where you probably won’t increase the value so any choice you make is about your enjoyment and benefit while you live here. Read on for more information about building your custom home with the eventual resale in mind.

Building Your New Custom Home with Resale in Mind

Bathroom – If you listened to our recent podcast you heard Ted discuss a client who didn’t want a bathtub in their master bathroom. Ted convinced the owner to stub for the tub and then tile over it. This way, if the current owners changed their mind adding a tub would be much easier.  And if they sold the home, it could be a nice selling point for those considering the home.

Kitchen – Most upgrades to the kitchen design will add value to the home come resale time. You really can’t go wrong with making the kitchen as functional and beautiful as possible. Of course you’ll still need to consider pricing your home out of the neighborhood, but most kitchen extras are well received and appreciated. Cabinetry, countertops and if there’s room a butler’s pantry will all increase the value of your home.

Flooring – Sometimes overlooked, the flooring is an area of your home where upgrades are appreciated and value is returned. Using bamboo – which is sustainable, durable and beautiful, is a great way to go.

If you’d like to learn more about building your home new custom home with resale in mind, please give us a call at 832-304-2310.