As custom home builders in Houston, we hear first hand what the Baby Boomers are looking for when designing their bathrooms. Designing a stunning and functional Baby Boomer bathroom isn’t that difficult when we listen to what our clients want. Whether building a custom home from the ground up or remodeling the master bedroom, the bathroom is a key concern for those 55+.

What goes into a stunning and functional Baby Boomer bathroom?

Walk-in Shower

By far, the most desired amenity of the master bath is a walk-in shower. But not just any walk-in shower. The shower must be designed with the 55+ homeowner in mind. While it’s customary to build master baths with both shower and separate tub, most homeowners, especially those 55+ don’t use the tub. Why waste the space on a feature that never gets used? Instead, homeowners want larger walk-in showers complete with handrails, extra shower heads and no threshold access. Additional helpful features include a built in seat and shelf.

Dual Vanities

Most couples, whether 55+ or not, will tell you they prefer to have their own sink and vanity area. If there is no soaking tub in the master bath, there’s extra room to really go to town about the vanity area. Creating a desk like vanity, where makeup can be applied with ample light is a must have in many bathroom remodels. Don’t forget to include plenty of drawer space at each vanity as well as a pull out accessory storage area for rollers, hair dryer, curling irons, etc…

Private Toilet

The bathroom is more spa like than ever and that means a private toilet area is a must. In addition to installing handrails for easy access many homeowners prefer a comfort-height toilet. The door should be at least 32 inches wide (pocket doors work lovely for this space) for wheelchair or walker access.

These are just some of the trends Baby Boomers are insisting on when designing a bathroom retreat. Safety, beauty and function come together to create a stunning in-home getaway for those seeking a home to age in place.

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