Floors Inc has been a trusted supplier of flooring to Morning Star Builders for several years. The people at Floors Inc understand that builders and homeowners have enough to worry about when building a custom home so they remove much of the worry by providing top notch service. Floors Inc stays up- to- date on all the proper installation techniques, so we can relax.
Their true craftsmanship is performed with the high level of skill that is essential to the installation of quality floor coverings. They handle a wide variety of flooring jobs; from simple, hardwoods in a living room to an intricate tile pattern in the foyer.

FloorsincFloors Inc goes above and beyond to understand the buyer’s lifestyle and the builder’s time frame all go together to make the design center experience successful.  Their design teams have years of experience, working with buyers to meet their needs, selecting solutions that fit thier lifestyles and satisfy their color palettes, all within required timelines.

Floors Inc. has implemented a proven computer system tailored to the industry.  Their system provides complete integration from start to finish. It improves order accuracy, offers multiple checks and balances, and provides consistently reliable data.  All of these elements come together to help eliminate costly mistakes and enhance both builder and homebuyer satisfaction.

Floors Inc offers the largest selection of carpet, hardwood, laminate, tile, vinyl, area rugs and a more personalized shopping experience. And you’ll always find the best products and great savings … every day, that’s why Morning Star Builders trusts them with our flooring needs.

Above all else, they have an experienced management team to ensure a timely and superior flooring result. Visit their website to learn more about Floors Inc.