In new home design, there’s often a debate between what’s more important, form or function. In truth, each element is essential when building a new home. The aesthetic aspects of a home (form) such as architecture and finishes like floor coverings and cabinetry reflect the homeowner’s style. The layout of the home and way a room is used (function) also serve a purpose, as homeowners want a design that is practical and easy to navigate.

But, which is the most important part of building a new home? The answer is a little more complicated than choosing one over the other. Not only do you want a home that is visually appealing, but you also want the design to function in a way that meets the needs of your family. The key is to find a way to balance both elements throughout the home.

How to Balance Form and Function When Building a New Home

A well-designed home will be both visually appealing and functional. The exterior and the interior of a successfully built home will flow, fit the needs of your family, and reflect your unique style and personality. Nothing kills the excitement of a new home like a home that doesn’t flow well, too small rooms, and awkward spaces. The best way to avoid design pitfalls is to work with a qualified home builder who will help you address both aspects of building a home.

Some questions to consider before finalizing the design phase of your new home include:

1. How will the home be used? While this may seem like a no brainer, it’s essential to really dig into this question to identify the functional needs of the home. If you like to entertain, you may a home that features large gathering areas and a chef’s kitchen. If you have frequent house guests, a guest suite might make sense for your new home.

2. Who will live there? Families with older children may want to consider how their home will function when they become empty nesters. On the flip side, growing families may benefit from working an additional flex space or bathroom into their home design.

3. What architectural and design style do you like? Do you prefer the simple, clean lines of modern architecture or the more elaborate flair of Victorian architecture? Having a clear understanding of your preference will help you add visual details you love to the interior and exterior of the home.

By asking the right questions and identifying the needs, wants, and priorities of your home’s design, you’ll end up with a home that is both beautiful and functional.

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