Gibbs_master_bath-4That’s right, you can get on our private, one time only, Open House program.
Getting on this exclusive list gives you access to:

  • The opportunity to see built homes (normally about 1 per month) loaded with hundreds of features and design ideas
  • Talk with other homeowners and learn about what they did and why they did it
  • Share and receive ideas from our Homeowner Advisors and design team
  • Get a first-hand look at cutting edge products people are incorporating into their new homes projects

These open houses are NOT open to the general public. You need to be invited in order to attend. Getting on the list is the only way to get invited.
Our clients tell us they love having these extra opportunities to get new ideas and confirm old ones. We’re sure you will too. Other things to note:

  • There’s no obligation on your part
  • They’re FREE
  • Each project is only shown 1 day only for 2-3 hours. If you can’t make it there won’t be another chance to see it

Click here to sign up for this amazing opportunity from Morning Star Builders!