In custom home building, change is the only constant. One of the biggest sources of change is home design trends!

It’s worth noting that there should always be a delicate balance when incorporating trendy designs with those that are classic and timeless. However, it is possible to include trending designs with class and functionality. Be inspired with some new design ideas, below!

Home Design Trends to Look for this Summer

Here are just a few of the top home design trends for the Summer of 2023:

1. White Oak Accents

White oak is increasing in popularity for a couple reasons: 1) it’s natural color is stunning, 2) it’s durable and long-lasting. White oak can be used for hardwood flooring, kitchen or bathroom cabinets, and more. Kitchen cabinetry is one of our favorite ways to incorporate the beauty of white oak.


2. Double Study

Since the pandemic of 2020, working from home has never looked the same. In fact, nowadays, an increasing number of professionals are officing out of their homes, part-time and full-time. For couples who both office out of the home, this can make day-to-day duties challenging, to say the least. A new and popular design that we are seeing more of is: double studies. This means designing space for 2 home offices. It might sound excessive, but when two professionals are on conference calls at the same time, you’ll quickly recognize the necessity.


3. Inside Living Outside

Outdoor living spaces that feel like indoor spaces are climbing in popularity– and rightfully so! In our area of Houston, this often means screened-in porches with mini split units to keep outdoor livings spaces free of mosquitos, while reducing the heat and humidity. This makes the Summer season in South Texas a lot less miserable and makes functional use of backyard spaces!


Have you seen any of these home design trends recently?