Houzz, 2015
Homeowners change styles, go big with substantial upgrades, including larger closets
One-third of homeowners renovating or decorating their master bedrooms want to create a more romantic or intimate environment (32 percent), according to the 2015 U.S. Houzz Bedroom Trends survey of more than 1,500 U.S. homeowners using Houzz who are in the midst of, are planning, or recently completed a bedroom renovation or decoration project. Homeowners are also making extensive changes to their master bedrooms – over half of renovating and decorating projects are major in scope (57 and 55 percent, respectively). One in five renovating homeowners is increasing the size of the master bedroom (21 percent), and more than half of those tackling their closets during the renovation are increasing square footage (59 percent on average, jumping to 83 percent in the Midwest). In fact, one-third of homeowners updating their master bedroom closet is expanding that closet by 50 percent or more (33 percent).

The top trigger for master bedroom projects? Homeowners could simply no longer stand the old one (34 percent for renovators and 39 percent for decorators). Finally having the means (32 percent for renovators and 22 percent for decorators) and a recent home purchase (31 percent for renovators and 25 percent for decorators) are the next most common triggers. What do homeowners want in a desirable master? Topping the list is a space that is stylish and beautiful (73 percent), feels like a sanctuary (54 percent) and reflects who they are (52 percent). In terms of function, homeowners want a master bedroom that promotes quality sleep (77 percent), is comfortable (75 percent), and is easy to clean (40 percent). Nearly three-quarters of renovating homeowners (71 percent) and half of homeowners updating the decor (49 percent) are hiring professional help for their master bedroom upgrades.

“This study sheds more light on an important link between renovations and decorating,” said Nino Sitchinava, principal economist at Houzz. “The findings show that nine in 10 bedroom renovations are followed by redecorating, and nearly half of bedroom decorating comes after a renovation. Even with stand-alone decorating projects, the line between heavy-duty decorating and light renovations is quite blurry, with features such as flooring and lighting being upgraded by many, even during stand-alone decorating projects.”

Additional findings include:

  • Time for a Change: More than half of homeowners surveyed are changing the style of their master bedroom (54 percent). Homeowners describe their old rooms as either traditional in style or “no-particular-style” (64%), while renovated and redecorated bedrooms emerge as contemporary, modern or transitional (45%).
  • Calming Colors and Prints: Homeowners gravitate toward shades of white, cream, gray, and blue in their updated master bedrooms (33, 31, 31 and 29 percent, respectively). While more than a quarter do not choose to include a strong pattern in the master (27 percent), floral and geometric prints are popular with many (21 and 17 percent).
  • The More Pillows, the Merrier: Among the 67% of decorating homeowners who are updating bedding, decorative pillows are a top update (75 percent). Homeowners will accessorize with four decorative pillows on average, and 40 percent have five or more decorative pillows.
  • Divided on Electronics: For the one in eight decorating homeowners adding electronics to the master bedroom (13 percent), TVs are the top upgrade (87 percent), followed by speakers/stereos (35 percent) and docking stations (21 percent). But not everyone agrees, with one in 10 homeowners valuing a bedroom that is “free of media and electronics.”
  • Reading Is Fundamental: In terms of function, a master bedroom in which it is easy to read trumps a space that is ideal for watching TV and movies (24 versus 16 percent). One in seven homeowners updating the decor in their master bedroom is adding books (14 percent).
  • Investing in Bedrooms: A quarter of homeowners are budgeting or spending $10,000 or more on master bedroom renovations (26 percent), and one in five is spending $5,000 or more on decorating projects (19 percent), across all project scopes.

You can download the full 2015 U.S. Houzz Bedroom Trends Study at http://info.houzz.com/rs/houzz/images/HouzzBedroomStudy2015.pdf.

The “U.S. Houzz Bedroom Trends Study” is an online survey of U.S. Houzz users conducted in July 2015. n=1,528.

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