Unfortunately, most clients who are building a custom home can’t afford the luxury of including every single need and want. As a result, it’s important to establish the difference between the two during the design process. This is called a needs versus wants list.

Do you need a walk-in closet or is it a strong desire? 

Do you need a formal dining room or will it sit empty most of the year?

Do you need a game room and outdoor living space? 

How to Determine Your Needs Versus Wants

The key to determining your needs versus wants is to start having the conversation. Whether you’re building a home by yourself or with your spouse, use the Design Outline to define your needs and wants in the home building process. It takes less than 30 minutes and can save you countless hours and dollars.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Independently of each other, write down your dreams, wants, and needs on a blank paper- in no particular order.
  2. Rank your items in order of importance.
  3. Once you and your spouse have created your independent lists, share and compare. Then, use your two lists to create one combined list.

Once you’ve created your needs and wants list, share it with your builder and architect. They can help estimate costs, as well as point out potential issues or flaws in your list. The Design Outline can be extremely helpful in the design process, saving you time and money!