Over the last year, supply chain shortages have become a growing challenge in the nation, and specifically, in the construction world. Needless to say, custom home builders (and their clients, like you) are experiencing these challenges first hand. So, how can you navigate these shortages and delays when building your custom home?

While many of the supply shortages are out of our control, there are a few controllable factors that can help avoid delay in building your dream home:

Decide Early- Think way ahead of schedule and make your selections early. This includes selections for building materials, main appliances, paint colors, hardware, and more. Do the best you can to make a decision early to allow additional time for any delays or shortages.

Work with a Designer- A designer should be able to help guide you through the selections that are currently in stock, which can help you avoid delays with materials. When you find a winning selection that is in stock, order it as soon as you can. Also, working with a designer can help you pivot if/when a selection is out of stock or seriously delayed. While they have no control over supply chain shortages, they can help you build a beautiful home with selections you love!

Be Patient- When all else fails, practice patience. We know just how excited you are to complete your new home. And, we will do whatever we can to stay on schedule. However, if supply shortages are affecting your build, we recommend making plans accordingly (ie. push your move in date, secure other lodging, etc.).

Remember: at the end of the day, you and your builder have little control over any supply chain challenges. Use these tips to do you best to stay ahead of supply change shortages and delays!