In the custom home industry, they say choosing the right builder is half the battle! Here’s what you need to know about searching for and hiring a custom builder than meets the needs of you and your family.


How Important is Picking the Right Builder?

The first step to building your dream home is finding the right custom home builder. After all, you’ll be working very closely with them over the next several months (and likely, years). They will help you make difficult decisions, so you want to work with someone who is experienced and trustworthy.


How to Pick the Right Builder

When choosing your custom home builder, there are many things to look for and consider. But, there are 3 builder qualities that are at the top of the list (and non-negotiable, in our opinion):

1. Trust

Building a new home is one of the largest time and financial investments you’ll likely make in your lifetime. You need to know that your builder has your best interest in mind. Look for a builder who puts your needs first, not their own.

2. Competence

What experience does the builder have? Do they have the ability and knowledge to execute your home plans from start-to-finish? A competent builder will have the right people in his/her team to help get the job done right, including experienced project managers, office managers, designers, etc.

3. Fair Cost

Does the builder charge a fair rate? While cost is important, it’s not always quite as important as competency and trust. Sometimes, it’s worth paying a little extra to work with someone you trust, wholeheartedly. Explore the current housing market and know what a fair building price is.


With these qualities in mind, we’re confident you’ll choose the right builder for your home!