Today’s kitchens have come a long way from the days of avocado green appliances. Since we spend so much time in the kitchen homeowners have made upgrades that are not only beautiful but also innovative.¬†Kitchens have been evolving for decades but they remain classic, rarely caving into the latest fad. Kitchens have become the focal point of the home. In fact, kitchens have moved out of the back of the home and into the center of it. Here are some of the innovations in kitchen design that we’re loving.
Bringing the living room charm into the kitchen – Kitchen cabinetry will always look like kitchen cabinetry, not matter how gorgeous it is. Wanting to add their own flair to the kitchen homeowners have been choosing islands that resemble classic furniture you might find in the living room or dining room.
Legrand_1036 7-under copy
Bringing tech and innovation into the kitchen seamlessly – Products such as Legrand under cabinet lighting can turn your classic kitchen into a high tech kitchen. Using modular track you can add under cabinet lights that move, charging stations for your cell phone, tablet and other electronics while keeping them out of the way and off the counter and wireless speakers to rock out while you prepare the evening meal. The modular track allows you to be as innovative as your imagination allows.
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Bringing natural light into the kitchen – Filling a kitchen with natural light is a must for many homeowners. And not just from the windows but from beautiful skylights cut into the ceiling making the room feel spacious and warm.
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Bringing the mess out of the kitchen – Service kitchens let you entertain in the kitchen without letting your guests see the mess created by all the prep. Service kitchens hide the mess, give you more room to prepare with added stove, oven and fridge and keep the main kitchen organized and tidy.
These are just some of the innovations we’ve been incorporating into our new luxury designs. To learn more about kitchen design ideas when building your dream home please contact Yvonne Cummins.