You may have been wondering if now is a good time to build a custom home. The short answer is it’s a great time to build a custom home. Interest rates are still pretty low while inventories of existing homes are pretty sparse. If you do find a home odds are good you’ll find yourself in a bidding war which raises the price of the home.

Building a custom home isn’t something to be taken lightly. It is a big project, but with the right team it’s not only incredibly satisfying but also not as scary as you might think it would be.

At Morning Star Builders, we’re with you every step of the way during the home building process. From choosing a floor plan to choosing the finishes, we’ll be with you throughout the whole process.

If you’re on the fence about building a custom home it’s a good idea to talk to people who have already built a home. Talk to friends and family who have build a custom home to find out what pitfalls they faced – if any – and what would they do differently. There are many reasons to build a custom home.

It’s a Great Time to Build A Custom Home

No Competition – When you decide to build a home you eliminate any competition you might have had when looking to purchase an inventory home. The price isn’t determined by increased demand because of a new buyer. The price of the home is the price of the home.

First Owner – When you build a custom home you’re the first owner. That means everything is as it should be and as you designed it to be. There won’t be any bugs or work-arounds that you have to get used to. The roof won’t need replacing for decades, the siding will be energy efficient and everything will work. You won’t have small or large repairs for some time (and those may be covered by a warranty so check with your builder).

Energy Efficient – When you build a new home you’re going to be building a more eco friendly and energy efficient home. Today’s new homes are so much more energy efficient and that’s without trying. If you choose to install solar panels or other energy efficient features you’ll save money, and the planet.

Customization – Last but not least, when you choose building new over purchased used, you get to customize your home the way you want it. You choose the floor plan, the design and the fixtures. If you’re planning on aging in place you can install the necessary accessibility features. If you’re a gourmet that could mean you have a gourmet kitchen and service pantry. The sky is the limit with regard to customization.

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