Kitchen by Morning Star Builders of Houston TX

The kitchen is the center of the home and for good reason. It has moved from the back of the house to the middle of the living room. Kitchen of today have been designed to fit into the lifestyle of the homeowner. In addition to being more functional today’s kitchen is also more beautiful and it’s eco friendly. What follows are just some of the top kitchen design trends of the day.

  1. Countertops Granite versus Quartz – While granite is still the most popular choice for a luxury countertop quartz is making a strong show of it. Quartz is non porous and needs no sealing.. Quartz is manufactured so it is more uniform while Granite is mined and has imprefections. Which ever you choose both are beautiful and durable and make a great impression.
  2. Lighting – From undercabinet lighting to overhead chandeliers homeowners are using various lighting techniques to highlight and illuminate their kitchens. Lighting can completely change the feel of the room so many homeowers are installing different kinds of lighting and using each depending on the activity.
  3. White Cabinetry – White cabinetry pairs perfectly with any architectural style. It can achieve a modern look and feel as well as one with more country charm and flair. No matter which style of white cabinetry you choose all are easy to clean and look fabulous.
  4. Energy Star Appliances – Eco friendly kitchen appliances can save you money and are good for the planet. Today’s energy efficient appliances are beautiful, functional and easy to operate.
  5. Mixing Design Styles and Materials – Designers of todays kitchens are mixing elements from past decades. Imagine the clean lines of handleless cabinetry against the rustic look and feel of exposed brick. No matter which styles you embrace mixing them can add character and your unique personality to your home.

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