Home design changes. What was once considered standard is now optional and that is likely to continue as tastes change. Most trends that are seen in the luxury home market eventually make their way to more affordable homes so most of these trends may eventually be enjoyed at any level, if they stick around long enough to be classic.

Classic Trend

Of course classic is subject to change. Kitchens were once relegated to the back of the home. They were functional but not necessarily beautiful. Today’s kitchen is part of the great room – living room that is open to the kitchen and dining room if there is one – it’s usually the focal point of the home.

While the great room is probably the most used room in the home there is still a desire for a more formal living room. These more formal rooms usually features less technology and more of the classic bookcase and fireplace combination. These rooms are meant for conversations without distraction from media.

Unnecessary Features

Dining rooms, on the other hand, are no longer considered necessary room in a home. Most people eat in their kitchens or living rooms and use the dining room once or twice a year during the holidays. Because homes are actually getting smaller many homeowners are forgoing their formal dining room for a home office, craft room or even main level bedroom for aging in place families.

Mud rooms are also getting phased out for the more formal rear foyer. These rear foyers include cubbies or lockers for each family member. Organized storage such as cubbies for shoes and boots, and gear lockers for sports equipment keep the back area between the garage and kitchen organized and neat. Some of these rear foyers are so stunning you’d be happy to receive guests through them.


Not surprisingly some trends are simply luxurious. The bathtub comes and goes in home design. For smaller homes having a soaking tube in addition to a walk in shower can just take up too much valuable space. In larger homes the bathrooms are more spa like with added features like private commodes, steam showers and large soaking tubs or whirlpool baths.

Under cabinet lighting and tech controlled features of the home are huge as more and more people adopt smart phones. Kitchens are wired for sound, lighting and security with a simple swipe of the phone.

Media rooms and game rooms are increasingly popular in todays custom home design. Families spend more time at home than ever before and that may explain why media rooms are becoming so popular. Families can screen a movie, play video games or work on a puzzle in these multi purpose rooms.