When we were in Las Vegas for the Internationsl Builders Show we visited the GE Generators booth and had an opportunity to talk with with Amanda about their new 8kw-10kw generators. The new generators are much smaller than the old 8kw-10kw generators and this is thanks to their new Symphony II Power Management System. Not do these generators take up less space in your lawn, they also have the smallest standby generator footprint of its class.
Their new generators will turn on automatically when they sense a power outage via their transfer switch. The transfer switch also come equipped with their Symphony II Power Management System which will allow you to power higher wattage items with your generator, such as your air conditioner.
The power management system will check with your generator to make sure it has the power available to start the higher wattage items. The older generators would attempt to start all of your items regardless of if there was enough power to do so without overloading the system or not. With the Symphony II Power Management System, your generator can tell if it has enough power to start up your higher wattage items without overloading, and if it doesn’t have enough power it won’t start that item until there is more power available. The initial starting power required is higher than the power required to simply keep the items running, so once the generator starts some items and has more power available it will then start your higher wattage items.
Via their app you have the ability to prioritize the use of up to eight high-wattage appliances. Likely you’ll want your fridge up and running as soon as possible after a power outage, but you can probably live without your television for a couple hours.
With GE Generators new power management system, you’re able to purchase a smaller more affordable unit with the Symphony II power management system.
The management system isn’t all that these new generators have to boast about. They also have an antennae on their generators that is connected to their advanced monitoring systems. Now you have the ability to actively monitor and manage your power usage from your smart phone or any device that has access to the internet.
You’ll be able to see if it ran that week, what its cycle was, and if it ran into any maintenance or service issues. You can also have your servicing dealer receive those alerts as well so that if anything is going on he can come out and fix it for you.
The GE generator systems with Symphony II power management systems allow you to have a powerful generator at a lower cost as well as help to reduce your carbon footprint. They also have the technology to keep you informed on your power usage and any problems that may be occurring with your unit. So, if you’re in the market for a new generator, we think the choice is pretty clear.