Would you take your car to a mechanic who has been in business 30 years, but has not kept up with the industries latest and greatest tools? Probably not. Why? Because they are behind the times and they are certainly not using the newest equipment and technologies to fix your car more efficiently and timely.

The same goes for home builders. When choosing a home builder, look for one who is educated in today’s home building advancements. Across the industry, the equipment we use in custom homes is constantly being updated. Just to name a few: HVAC systems, spray foam insulation, and window security.

We recommend hiring a builder who takes his/her education seriously. The International Builder Show is available to attend annually, where many of the newest tools are introduced to the home building industry. The National Association of Home Builders also offers multiple certifications regarding home building specialties.

As Morning Star Builders attends the International Builders Show every year and holds many of the NAHB certifications, we are proud to serve you as your custom home builder!