One of the best parts about being a home builder and designer is picking out the fixtures and features of the home. Building the 2014 Houston Southern Living Custom Builder Program Showcase Home has been an experience in finding exquisite fixtures. Recently we chose the tile for the guest suite in this spectacular home in Towne Lake of Houston. We chose Emser tile for its beauty and durability.


While the bathroom floor might be a fleeting thought to most people we take every decision seriously. The above image is the tile chosen for the guest suite shower floor. It may not look like much here but just wait until you see it! This tile is both beautiful and functional providing a gorgeous non slip surface for safety in the shower.

The shower walls in the guest suite. The tile is filled with character and will look amazing when completed.
The warmth of the natural stone is so inviting. Emser was helpful in pairing tiles together to bring out the best in each material chosen as well as to accentuate the beauty of the room.
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