In the sea of decisions to make regarding your custom home, picking an extraordinary builder should be #1 on the list! In fact, if you choose your builder right, they can help make all the other decisions and selections as seamless as possible.

So, how do you choose a great builder? These are the top 3 qualities to look for:

  1. Trust- Can you trust your builder to have your best interest at heart? Will they make the process smoother and easier? Are they focused on your interests or their own?
  2. Competence- Can the builder walk you through the process from start to finish? Is he listening to your needs and wants? What are their procedures and systems like?
  3. Fair Price- Are they charging a fair price for their services? This is not as important as trust and competence, but you still want to know you aren’t being overcharged.

The bottom line: look for trust, competence, and fair price when selecting your custom home builder!