Join us this Saturday, January 27th, for a Pre-Drywall Educational Tour!

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This is a special event where you’ll get to see what goes on behind the walls of a newly constructed home. You’ll also be able to discover all the must-have home features that are usually hidden from sight. You’ll get to discover wonderful new solutions to age-old problems including:

  • How many of us are using “baby gates” in our homes not for the baby but to corral the dog?  We have a solution for that.
  • Once you have seen a set of fireplace logs you have seen them all, right?  Wait until you see these!
  • Looking for a way to convert a study into a spare bedroom without seeing the bed?  We have a really cool way to have both!
  • The chef in your family is going to want this new kitchen sink by Franke with its storage bin, cutting board, drying rack, colander and adjustable bottom rack all in one!
  • Hear about the numerous products that are now controlled by Amazon’s Alexa, like a voice-activated faucet where you tell it how much water you want and a smoke/CO2 detector that has “Alexa” embedded inside.
  • Tired of all those shoes laying all over your closet floor?  With this storage solution, you will have room to buy more shoes!
  • For that entertaining family that can’t fit their stemware in the dishwasher, Thermador has the solution for you.
  • Ever have a need for hot water outside? We have the solution.

These tours fill up quickly so RSVP soon. Simply click here and fill out the form and we’ll send you a confirmation with address and directions.

Note: This tour takes place at a working construction zone and attendance is limited. We cannot guarantee everyone who RSVP’s will be able to attend

Need more information? Contact Yvonne Cummins at 713.249.1680 or by email