At Morning Star Builders, we love discovering new and innovative products to incorporate into the homes we build. One way we do that is by attending conventions and events like the Internation Builders Show (IBS). Held annually, IBS is hosted by the National Association for Home Builders (NAHB). The 2019 show was held in Las Vegas, Nevada in February and was attended by Ted and Yvonne Cummings, our Chief Creative Office and Certified Aging in Place Specialist.

During the 2019 International Builders Show, Ted and Yvonne were introduced to many new and interesting products. One of their favorites was the Guardian Leak Prevention System, which is a system designed to protect your home from water leaks. Guardian’s Leak Detectors work in conjunction with a Valve Controller to detect leaks and shut off the water automatically. The best part? The system can detect even the smallest of leaks! A single drop of water can notify the system of a potential water leak. This ensures homeowners are safe from both water damage that accumulates slowly and catastrophic damage from extreme leaks.

Guardian can be installed easily without any tools or pipe cutting. Once the system is in place, users can monitor the system by downloading the Guardian app. In addition to plumbing failures, the app alerts users to earthquakes and flash floods so users can shut off their water remotely if necessary.

Features of the Guardian Leak Prevention System include:

  • Functions as a standalone device that requires no additional hardware
  • Works from extremely long ranges
  • Performs routine self-tests to confirm the valve remains unblocked
  • Requires no tools to install and can be installed under 10 minutes
  • Works offline to ensure 24/7 protection
  • Optional backup battery available

When it comes to protecting your home, installing Guardian has many amazing benefits. Some insurance companies even offer a rebate or discount on homeowner’s insurance for having Guardian in the home! If you’d like to learn more about the Guardian Leak Prevention System, visit the Guardian website.