Last month we were proud to participate in a retreat at the Southern Living Idea House in Charlottesville, Virginia. It was an opportunity to meet with other builders who are part of the Southern Living Custom Builder Program and to exchange ideas, we look forward to this event every year. You can read more about the event here.

The Southern Living Idea House is designed by Rosney Co. Architects of Charlottesville, and set in the nine-year-old, 2,300-acre conservation community of Bundoran Farm. Bunny Williams is the interior designer on the idea house and she has some wonderful tips about creating a pet friendly home that is welcoming, beautiful and still practical. She credits her two rescue pups with these great ideas.

  1. Place pet beds under tables – Bunny uses pet beds that are both comfortable and attractive and places them under hall tables, in the kitchen, in the den or anyplace in the home where the animals like to relax (usually near the humans). She uses pretty prints and pillows to disguise dirt and stains that often come with having pets.
  2. Choose durable fabrics to cover furniture. Prints are fantastic at hiding stains.
  3. Use durable throws to cover more delicate furniture fabrics РThis is a fantastic tip for those of us who allow pets on the furniture. Use a durable and attractive throw blanket to cover the couch or chair cushions. This protects the upholstery from dirt, stains and odors and can be quickly removed when guests visit.
  4. Choose patterned rugs and carpet to hide paw prints and other stains.

Let’s face it, you’re going to have to accept a certain amount of hair and dirt in the home – a small price to pay for such loyal companionship. Use these tips to keep you home beautiful and pet friendly.

For more tips on designing a comfortable and beautiful living space check out these videos from the Southern Living Idea House.