Have you ever wondered what could drive up the cost of your custom home? We certainly have and we’ve come to a helpful realization.

Whichever builder you choose, he/she will provide you with allowances for all of the to-be-determined selections, such as appliances, paint, lighting fixtures, and more. If you hire a good, honest builder, your allowances will allow for the type of home you are wishing to build (including all the selections). Unfortunately, if a builder provides you with an estimate that is lower than expected, there may be good reason for that. They may not be providing an appropriate allowance for all of your selections, which could result in you exceeding your allowances and falling way over budget.

So, the moral of the story is, when you choose your home builder, make sure they thoroughly understand the quality and size of the home you want to build. This will help ensure their allowances are a reasonable amount, preventing you from going over budget and increasing the cost of your home.