When it comes to selecting light fixtures for your home, you may not give much thought to outdoor lighting. While less exciting than picking out interior light fixtures, outdoor lighting is important. Good outdoor lighting helps your home look welcoming long after the sun goes down. It ensures there are no dark shadows and keeps both the entrance and driveway well-lit and secure. Here are five things to consider when selecting outdoor lighting.

1. Security

Beyond ensuring your driveway, pathways, and entrances are well lit, security also pertains to when your outdoor lights come on. There are several different approaches to take with this. The first option is to add motion sensors to your outdoor lighting. Most homeowners do this around entrances but it depends on your preferences. The second option is to use timers to turn lights off and on at appointed times. This set it and forget it approach guarantees your outdoor lights will be on if you get home later in the evening. The third option is to turn outdoor lights on manually while at home or by using an app.

2. Safety

Outdoor lighting not only keeps your home secure but can also prevent injuries. Pathways and entrances should be well lit to stop falls from happing. Adding outdoor lighting to stairs is also essential, as they are the main culprit when it comes to injuries.

3. Lifestyle

Your home’s exterior lighting should reflect your family’s lifestyle. If you tend to spend quite a bit of time in outdoor spaces, plan accordingly. There are plenty of options to easily keep outdoor spaces like pools, outdoor kitchens, patios, and decks well-lit and comfortable to use. From outdoor chandeliers to ceiling fans, the options are limitless.

4. Energy

Worried outdoor lighting will result in a spike in your energy bill? Think again! Lighting, in general, has become much more energy efficient thanks to LED bulbs and fixtures. In fact, one LED bulb has an average annual energy cost of $1. In comparison, one traditional incandescent bulb has an annual energy cost of $4.80. LED bulbs are slightly more expensive but they have a longer lifespan and can save you money over time.

5. Yard and Garden Features

There are plenty of practical uses for outdoor lighting but it can also be used to highlight yard and garden features. Whether you want to show off an outdoor sculpture or garden terrace, outdoor lighting can make it possible. Lighting enhancements can also make water features like a fountain, waterfall, or swimming pool look magical.

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