Morning Star Builders is a design-build firm for custom homes. For clients that are new to this process, it can sound confusing– or even overwhelming. So, what is the design-build process? Let’s walk through it together.

What is the Design-Build Process?

A design-build firm, like Morning Star Builders, brings a client through the entire design-build process. It kicks off by working together in the very beginning stages to put dreams, ideas, and designs on paper. Once the design plans are finished, with the help of our talented architects, the building process can take place. So, the design-build process is a start-to-finish commitment, starting with the first set of house plans through move-in day!

Is There a Timeline for the Design-Build Process?

There is no set timeline for the design-build process when it comes to custom homes. Why? Because, at Morning Star Builders, we start each design process with a blank sheet of paper. We’ve never built the same home twice! We compile all your unique needs, wants, and visions, and work with you to create a design plan that brings your dreams to life. This process should never be rushed. Once the design phase is complete and we break ground on your dream home, the building process can take anywhere from 12-24 months.

Who Helps with the Design-Build Process?

Our team includes talented and experienced designers and project managers to oversee the entire process. In the beginning, we work closely with an architect to design the perfect house plans. Throughout the build process, our skills project managers ensure your custom home is built to exceptional standards. Also, our in-house selections designer can help with the selections process along the way.


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