One of the most frequent dilemmas we face is whether a client should start brand new by building a custom home or renovate their current home. Now, that is a tough question and often not an easy decision to make. In fact, it’s so common that this question makes up the entire first chapter of Ted and Yvonne Cummins’ book, “Your Guide to Building a Custom Home!”

Your Guide to Building a Custom Home

When assisting our clients in making the right decision for them, we walk through a series of questions. If you’re struggling with this same question, then today must be your lucky day. Why? Because we are sharing 5 of those questions with you!

  1. Do I have a hard time making decisions?
  2. Once I make decisions, do I struggle with wanting to change them?
  3. Do I have the financial resources to build a custom home with the features I really want?
  4. Is my schedule so busy that it’s difficult to find time to do the things I enjoy?
  5. Are you able to receive insight and advice from professionals wanting to help you build your custom home?

If you answered “no” to the majority of those questions, it sounds like you might be ready to build! If most of your answers were “yes,” then a renovation could be in your future!

Want to see the rest of the questions? You can snag yourself a copy of the book! Just let us know by emailing or calling our office through the Contact page!

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