Given all that’s changed in the past year, what is the future of custom homes? And, what are the best new home features to include in your dream home? 

2020 was the year of curveballs. Not one person or place was left unaffected by the past year. As a result, the future of custom homes has changed, just as many other industries have, too. What once was likely considered to be a luxury or “wishlist” item, is now part of the top new home features list in 2021.

The Top 5 New Home Features

New home features have drastically changed over the last two years. These are the top features to consider including in your custom home:

Home Offices

It’s no secret that far more people are working from home in 2021. Such a drastic change in lifestyle calls for a change in home function and space, too. Creating a separate space for a home office is necessary no matter what line of work you’re in. Note: you can usually make room for a home office in any square footage. They don’t have to be ginormous in size- simply large enough to fit a desk and chair.

Delivery Closet

With online shopping and package deliveries on the rise, creating a secure space for package drop-offs is ideal. Create a delivery closet close to the home’s front entrance to keep your packages safe and prevent the eyesore of piled brown boxes.

Clean Air

Breathing clean and healthy air is of the utmost importance for many families, especially over the last year. Fortunately, you can easily upgrade your air filtration system to capture and eliminate pathogenic air particles, further protecting you and your family.

Exercise Rooms

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that our health is everything. With gyms being closed down for extended periods of time, many resorted to home gyms and exercise rooms to prioritize their health. Luckily, exercise rooms don’t have to take up too much space and can be a possibility for almost any size home.

Natural Light

When you spend most days at home, natural light is a must. You could say it brings the outdoors in! Tall, expansive windows allow for plenty of natural light to fill your home, while minimizing the need for artificial light. It’s a 2-for-1 deal!

The future of custom homes might look a little different, but it’s still bright as ever. By including these top new home features in your dream home, you can set your family up for success in the years to come!