Whether you’re building your first custom home in Houston or your tenth, you’ll want to avoid these top ten bathroom design mistakes. The bathroom is a room that is often overlooked when it comes to design detail. Bathrooms are pretty standard – they feature a commode, shower, sometimes a separate tub, as well as a vanity, sink and mirror. Pretty basic, eh? How wrong can a bathroom go with only those simple features?

The answer is really wrong.

If you don’t plan out your bathroom, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a master bath or a powder room, you could be left with a room that is less than stellar. The bathroom should have a relaxing atmosphere, it should be calming. Follow these tips for the bathroom of your dreams.

Top Ten Bathroom Design Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Choosing the wall color – Choose soothing colors or pastels to create a calming environment, but avoid going to the other extreme and end up with the rainbow effect. White is always a wise choice too.
  2. Buying accessories before the paint—Floor mats and decor could end up clashing with the walls. Wait until you’ve chosen the paint and window treatments before purchasing accessories.
  3. No focal point in a room–The room will feel unbalanced and awkward. It could be a stunning chandelier or a stand alone tub or even a lovely floral display.
  4. Unrealistic materials–Use materials according to their intended use in the bathroom. If you veer from this, materials often will not perform as needed.
  5. Not incorporating universal design—What is trendy today probably won’t be trendy five years from now. While you want to add your own flare to your bathroom, you also want to make sure the permanent fixtures you choose are timeless.
  6. Scrimping on design time–Without sufficient thought and time during the design phase, you will end up with a look that doesn’t flow.
  7. Lack of storage—While a bathroom that’s too cluttered has bad design written all over, so too does a bathroom with little to no storage space.
  8. No windows–No one likes a dark bathroom that has no circulation. Think about acoustics when you design.
  9. Disregarding room dimensions–Think about the size and shape of the room when buying storage devices and vanities. You don’t want a room to feel too full or too empty.
  10. Bad lighting–Light is important; it affects your daily attitude. Too much light in a room can be blinding, and not enough can make a room somber.