Bathroom design hasn’t changed much over the last several decades. Trends in bathroom design have generally been about the aesthetics rather than functionality. Function just didn’t change much in the bathroom so the focus remained on window treatments, wall decor, shower curtains or shower doors. Not anymore. Technology has made it possible to have all kinds of affordable luxuries that simply had been widely utilized in the past.

The bathroom of today is more than just a utilitarian space. Bathrooms of the 21st century are beautiful, functional and now eco friendly.

Here are the Top Trends in Bathroom Design:

In Floor Heating – In floor heating is a small luxury you’ll appreciate on cold mornings. In floor heating can be installed easily by a professional or someone who is very handy. In floor heating is energy efficient because it is radiant heat. Also, no bulky radiators or baseboard heat registers.

Music – No longer to you have to run speaker wire all over your home to get music in the bathroom. Thanks to Bluetooth and WiFi, you can have music where ever you want it. Options as simple as wireless speakers and a smart phone are one way to listen to your tunes in the shower, another way is to install the Kohler Moxie showerhead + wireless speaker for up to 7 hours of music, news, sports or whatever it is your kids listen to these days.


Pet Friendly Bathrooms – The pet friendly bathroom has become very popular in the last several years. Our 2011 Southern Living Custom Builder Program Showcase home featured a dog wash room for easy grooming of the four legged family members. Other methods of including the family pet when designing the bathroom is to install lower, hand held shower heads so Fido doesn’t have to get a bath with the garden hose.


Eco Friendly Fixtures – In addition to in floor heating there are more and more eco friendly solutions to conserve water. WaterSense products are beautifully designed to help you save money and water. Look for the WaterSense label, much like the EnergyStar label, on products that are designed to save water. Dual flush toilets and products like the H2Okinetic Technology® from Delta are great ways to go green.

Accessibility with Style – many clients are opting to install grab bars and no threshold showers with aging in place in mind. Wet rooms that combine shower and tub in one no curb space are a trend that looks to be around for a while. Floating vanities can be adjusted for wheelchairs or scooters and still look beautifully stylish.

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