There are a couple things you should always do before purchasing your home lot. Unfortunately, these steps are often an after thought for most and can be a costly mistake. So, what are the must-do’s before picking your lot?

How to Choose Your Lot

Choosing your house lot is a big decision to make. After all, it will impact the design of your home, backyard, front yard, views, and more. Before picking the lot, always consider these two things:

  1. Talking with Your Builder
  2. Creating a Budget

After speaking with your builder and creating a realistic budget, you can successfully pick the right lot for your dream home.

Benefits of Talking with Your Builder

Your builder is a professional (or they should be). Ideally, they will have years of experience building on different lot sizes and shapes. As a result, your builder can point out the pros and cons, ask the right questions, and ensure you’re making a good choice for your future home. However, their professional opinion isn’t as valuable after purchasing a lot. So, always be sure to find your trusted builder and consult them before the purchase.

How to Create a House Budget

Do you have a budget for your dream home? If not, it’s a good place to start. Before picking your home lot, create and consider a house budget. How much property can you afford? What size lot will fit your home? Again, consulting with your builder about these things is a wise idea.

Buying a lot is the first step to building your custom home, and it’s an important one. Don’t make the costly mistake of blindly buying a lot that looks or “feels” good. Seek expert guidance and act wisely in your decision making.

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