When building a custom home, there are many things to consider. At the top of the list, how should you spend your money?

A custom home requires money to be invested in a variety of areas, such as the foundation, appliances, windows, exterior, etc. So.. What’s most important? Here are the tops areas to consider:

  1. Location- You can change the design of a home, but you cannot change it’s surroundings. Choosing the location of your home is first and foremost. It’s often worth investing the money in your dream location.
  2. Design/Build Company- When building a custom home, working with a builder who handles the design AND build will save you time and money. This one-stop shop will take you from the first draft of design all the way through move-in.
  3. Kitchen- The kitchen is often where the most time is spent. Don’t skimp on size or functionality, here.
  4. Family Room- Similar to the kitchen, families often spend a lot of time there. Be sure to allow enough square footage for the whole family to gather.
  5. Master Bath- AKA the home owner’s “getaway.” It’s a good idea to create a luxurious space here.
  6. Room Sizes- Make sure the bedrooms are large enough to meet your family’s needs. It’s much more cost effective to consider the size now, instead of enlarging or adding on, later. Also, larger rooms are best for resale value.
  7. Closets- You can never have enough storage space. Never.
  8. Outdoor Living- The popularity of outdoor living spaces are drastically growing. Don’t underestimate the importance of building an enjoyable, relaxing space in your backyard, complete with motorized screens and outdoor fireplace.

Of course, there are more options to consider, but these are the top 8. Hopefully, this list will get those wheels turning and help you prioritize what is most important to you. Spend time considering these areas and think about where you want to invest your money.