Last week we started a new tradition. We’ve hired an Elf on the Shelf to show you around the latest Southern Living Custom Builder Showcase Home.
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Today Elfie is hanging out by the closet of the second bedroom. The homeowners love and keep horses and wanted to carry that love into the home as they built it. We incorporated the barn door look at the closet. This door slides on authentic hardware giving the room a rustic yet charming look and feel to it.
Elfie is perched on the door handle so it’s difficult to see but it’s a beautiful piece of hardware. In addition to creating an interesting focal point for the room it also adds space to the closet. Since the door slides instead of swinging in or out there is one less obstacle to walk around when looking for that perfect pair of riding boots. The closet has built in organization with plenty of space to hang long items as well as store boxes and odd shaped items on shelving. There’s also room to showcase ribbons.
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