It’s safe to say that the COVID-19 pandemic made many of us reconsider the way we currently live. People have been spending an unprecedented amount of time at home during the last few months, which has brought attention to areas of their home that may be lacking. With a new awareness of what does and does not work, home design is sure to change in the future — and we’ve got some guesses! Scroll below to see how we anticipate home design changing post-pandemic.

1. Home Offices Redesigned

With the majority of the population working from home for months, many began to see the flaws in their home office setup. In addition to needing a more functional office space, a lot of homeowners realized their offices weren’t set up for virtual meetings. Home offices of the future will likely offer more privacy and incorporate tech and other elements to help virtual meetings run smoothly.

2. More Recreation and Outdoor Spaces

There’s nothing like being cooped up at home with the whole family to make you wish there were more ways to keep busy! We’re willing to bet that more homes are going to include recreation spaces in the future. From pools and exercise areas to media and game rooms, homeowners will create built-in activity areas throughout their homes. Private outdoor spaces will likely become a priority for homeowners, as well.

3. Delivery & Drop Off Zones

Contactless delivery made it easy to get supplies delivered right to your door without interacting face-to-face with another person. While home design had already begun incorporating designated delivery rooms in the home, we foresee them becoming more common in the future. Delivery rooms have their own exterior door and require a code to be entered so that deliveries can be made in a secure location.

4. Hands-Free Fixtures

Hands-free fixtures, faucets, and lighting have become more commonplace in many homes. Voice-activated sound systems and TV remotes, automatic flush toilets, keyless entries, and even motion-sensitive doors have also risen in popularity over the years. Post COVID-19, we suspect there will be even more hands-free home design features!

5. Air Purification Systems

One of the major focal points of the coronavirus pandemic has been air quality. Homeowners have become more aware of the air quality in their homes and have begun taking measures to improve it. In the future, it’s likely that many homes will include some sort of air purification system.

For more insight into how we think home design will change in the future, get in touch with our team! We’d love to discuss building a home that suits your needs now and in the future.