Per our last blog post, picking the right home builder can feel like quite the feat. It’s important to choose a builder and company that you highly trust- someone who can bring your home to completion with excellence. Part of choosing the right builder is learning how to avoid builder scams.

Here a few tried-and true ways to avoid builder scam, AKA choosing a builder that cannot be trusted:

  • Too Good to be True– You know the saying: if its too good to be true, it probably is. When a builder offer a price that sounds too good to be true, it likely is. Building a custom home is costly and timely. It’s important to work with a builder who will provide the level of service you want.
  • Few References- Ask your potential builder for professional references. If he says “no” or doesn’t have any to provide you with, run the other way. Also, make sure any provided resources are reliable and professional.
  • Rush to Contract- If a builder attempts to rush you into a contract, the red flags are waving. A trusted, reputable builder knows this is a big decision and should never rush you into anything.
  • Poor Online Resources- Before signing on the dotted line, check a builder’s credibility online. You can verify their credentials, years in business, liability insurance, and more. Your local Better Business Bureau is a good resource.
  • Vague Specifications- Specifications for materials, quality, finishes, etc. should never be unclear or vague. If you don’t get a straight-froward answer from your potential builder (in writing), keep on with your search.
  • Insufficient Allowances- A building price that sounds low is often due to insufficient allowances. This means you’ll be stuck paying the difference at the end of the project. Know how much your allowances are and exactly how far they’ll go.

With these tips, you can avoid builder scam altogether and choose a builder that is trusted and reputable.