From the initial design conception to putting the finishing touches on your home, there are many details to consider. One thing our clients have begun to ask for more and more in their new or remodeled home is a pet washing stationand we don’t blame them! If you’ve ever tried to wash your dog in the tub, you know what a disaster it can be. There’s nothing quite like attempting to scrub your furry friend clean while trying to keep him from escaping mid-bath. When it’s all said and done, you’re left with a tub coated in pet hair and an aching back.

The good news? Built-in pet washing stations are coming to the rescue! With a designated space to wash your pet, your bathtub can remain squeaky clean and free of pet hair. The raised tub of a pet washing station prevents back pain and the built-in eye hooks keep your dog from hopping out before his bath is over. Many of our homeowners opt to build their pet washing station in either the garage or the mudroom. Those located inside the home often feature a beautiful tile surround to create a functional, yet beautiful design.

Our pet washing stations are created using tubs and accessories from Petlift. The company is recognized throughout the pet industry as a provider of innovative and award-winning products made in the United States. Petlift tubs are durable and are available in many sizes and styles to fit your pet’s needs. Each tub is composed of stainless steel to prevent corrosion and comes with or without built-in stairs, depending on the style you choose. With Petlift, washing your pet has never been easier!

Considering adding a pet washing station to your new home or an upcoming remodeling project? We’d love to help! Contact our team to learn more about our home building and remodeling process.