At Morning Star Builders, we help our clients design and build a home that suits their every need. But, that doesn’t just apply to the humans living in the household! We also try to include functional design elements to serve your four-legged family members. In fact, ensuring your new home has everything you and your pet need is part of our design process. During the planning phase, we always ask about pets living in the home so we can find ways to incorporate their needs into the home as well. Scroll below for some of the pet-friendly design elements we’ve incorporated into our client’s homes over the years.

Built-In Pet Kennels

For the majority of pet owners, a kennel is a must. That being said, most kennels aren’t visually appealing and tend to take up quite a bit of room. The good news is that building a new custom home allows homeowners to get creative. One of the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing solutions is creating a built-in kennel under the stairs. Not only does your beloved companion have a secure room of his own, but it truly allows you to maximize your existing space.

Pet Pocket Doors

Though we all love our pets unconditionally, it’s safe to say there are just some rooms we don’t want them to access. Adding a half doggy pocket door is an excellent way to keep your pet out of a specific area without closing it off to the rest of the house.

Pet Washing Station

Anyone that has ever had to wash their pup in the tub knows how challenging it can be. It’s a struggle just to keep Fido in the tub —and when it’s all said and done, you’re left with an achy back and a huge mess. The solution? A built-in pet washing station! A hand-held shower fixture makes bathing your pet easier than ever. Better yet, these stations can be customized to suit your preferences and style. Take the ones below, for example. In the first photo, the cabinetry underneath the tub features extra storage and drawers that transform into pull-out stairs. The homeowner used epoxy flooring for added durability and included built-in nooks for pet beds under the adjacent countertop.

Blue tile pet washing station with built-in storage and stairs

When it comes time to build a new home for you and your furry friend, Morning Star Builders has got you covered! Our experienced team can help you design a home that is just as functional as it is beautiful. Get in touch with our team to learn more.